Going To Seed

This Saturday was a free day. With great weather again, Sarah and I set off for a gentle walk around Storvatnet (The big water) in Siland, just over the bridge from Finnsnes, on Senja.

It’s the first time we’ve been there in the summer – all other trips have been in the winter, when the lake is frozen and we’re on skis, so everything looked very different.

As autumn approaches, the leaves are beginning to turn, and everything is going to seed. The flowers give way to seeds, the berries appear, a rich diversity of fungi emerge, the wood ants are putting the finishing touches to their home, and Sarah starts shaking hands with the trees (?!):

We were on the lookout for free food, but being a popular and easily accessible place to walk, all the edible berries had already been picked, and without expert guidance we didn’t attempt to collect fungi (a wise decision underscored by a news report yesterday describing four different incidents of people being  admitted to hospital having eaten poisonous fungi – one has already received a liver transplant and the others are waiting).

As noted, the walk is easy going and relatively flat, so the most strenuous bit is jumping over the muddiest parts of the path. It was a calm, warm day and the water looked very inviting – next time we need to remember to take towels.


Going_to_seed_14 Going_to_seed_16




One response to “Going To Seed

  1. Jon,

    Beautiful pictures! Our Father certainly has done a magnificent job!
    I do enjoy your Blog, please keep them coming.

    David Collins

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