Looking Back On Sunnier Days – Summer Holidays 1

Last weekend we welcomed our new group of confirmands, and true to form it rained, although in fairness it did stop for the couple of hours they were out on their pilgrimsvandring in the woods about Finnsnes. The onset of autumn, the colours, the evenings lengthening and cooler weather began in late August, but Friday evening was the first time it really felt like autumn. It was also the first time in months we’ve noticed wood-smoke around Finnsnes. Cool, damp and smokey – like Guy Falk’s night – only two months early!

Given that the weather is not very photogenic, now is a good time to catch up on some missed events from the summer – our holiday in July. We began with a visit to our friends Tim and Tracy near Stavanger. It’s the first time I’ve visited since my initial ‘orientation’ visit when I arrived in Norway.

We enjoyed several ‘tourist’ days out. The first outing was to Norway’s largest boulder field, at Gloppedalsura (see a 360 degree panorama here). Some of the ‘boulders’ are the size of houses!


Looking_Back_On_Sunnier_Days_02A few miles drive further is Månafossen, a water fall which appears through a hole in the cliff and plunges 92m (301′) into the ravine below. We visited after a very long dry period, so I guess it must be even more spectacular in the spring when the river is swollen with melt water. It’s a well-worn path and now has steel cables to help the ‘climb’ over rocks polished by generations of visitors – something we were very glad of on the walk back down when it suddenly poured with rain.

Here is a short video I’ve put on YouTube:

Above the waterfall, a ‘suspended’ valley broadens out for easy walking. There is even a tourist hut where you can sleep, standing where there was originally a farm. There’s no road access and whilst it’s very picturesque on a warm  summer day, it must have been a hard life and very isolated in the winter. Apparently periodically there were avalanches which killed or injured both animals and people.



On the way home we stopped off for X rated ice cream at Byrkjedal kro – a popular tourist restaurant and candle factory. Obviously because it’s X rated we can’t show pictures (X = xtremely large).

More soon . . .

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