Hekla Stålstrenga

No, not a rare medical condition, but a very  good band from our area of Norway (Troms county): possibly one of Norway’s treasures. We first encountered the band when searching for a performance of the beautiful song Har du fyr for a funeral. It’s perhaps as well it wasn’t a cremation –  har du fyr literally translates as ‘have you fire’, although fyr also has an old meaning of a guiding light / light house, which is the correct interpretation in this case!

On Thursday evening they played a sell out concert in the kulturhus in Finnsess. We managed got some of the last tickets and had a fantastic time. This concert was a bit of a departure for the band which is normally only 5 musicians: they had a 14 piece string chamber orchestra with them. The arrangements were amazing and the quality of playing was astounding – tight doesn’t come close to describing it.

Here is the Youtube video of Har du fyr:

NRK (public TV in Norway) recorded the ‘same’ concert we heard (minus the strings), which is online here.


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