Summer Holiday 5 – A Working Wedding

After our few days in south Norway, it was on to England, and back to work – playing the organ for one our nieces who giftet seg (got married). Details of the organ are here.

The wedding was a joyous occasion – the bride and groom are both very active Christians and the service included traditional and contemporary music – and lots of it! Congratulations Matt and Meghan.

After the service it was over the road to the park for pictures (don’t forget to keep smiling . . . ’til it hurts). then off to the wedding reception in a vintage Rolls Royce (well the happy couple anyway).

At first we were a bit unsure about what the reception might be – a barn dance at the live-stock auction market! It turned out to be very civilised – good company, delicious food, good speeches (?) and dancing.

The day after, there was a gathering of the extended clan (minus the bride and groom), with a barbeque in Andrew and Coral’s beautifully kept cottage garden:

At the end of a long weekend we returned to our caravan to what looked like a forest fire, but turned out to be just a sunset:

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