Winter On The Way

Today – Sunday 21st September – winter arrived.

For the last couple of weeks our local council has been busy putting out the brøyte staver (the red poles beside the roads which help guide the snow plough drivers. It seemed almost incongruous driving to Rossfjord on Monday in glorious sunshine with the trees in their orange and brown autumn foliage:

Winter_On_The_Way_01 Winter_On_The_Way_02 Winter_On_The_Way_07

Tuesday was a trip to play in Tømervik Kirke in neighbouring Sørreisa parish – and the weather was still great:



The end of the week turned a bit cooler and greyer, but last night the forecast said snow above 200m / 600′. And so it was. Driving to Bjorelvnes to play for a morning service today, I could see snow falling on Senja, and in the distance, beyond Gibostad, the mountains around Tromsø were already bright white:



This afternoon involved a lot of driving – the classic tourist route on the west coast of Senja, first to drop Sarah at a pre-arranged meeting place to be driven on to Gryllefjord (emergency cover for another organist) and then on to Fjordgård to play for an evening family service. This was Bergs FjordØ




Then Ersfjord, with the view out over the Devilæs Teeth:


Medfjord, with strong autumnal colours, and Breitind, Senjaæs highest peak at 1010 m / 3315′:


After the service in Fjordgård, this was the view from the car park:


Several church staff have been planning to go up Breitind this year, but it’s a very steep and exposed path, so unless the snow melts and things dry up, the walk is now postponed a year (again):


On the return journey, I stopped for some pictures around Mefjord:

Winter_On_The_Way_38 Winter_On_The_Way_39 Winter_On_The_Way_40

This was Senjahopen, just as the light was fading:Winter_On_The_Way_41



2 responses to “Winter On The Way

  1. Wonderful pictures, John!

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