After our summer holiday we received a visit from Svigermoren – the mother in law! Joking apart it was lovely to have Sarah’s mum with us on her first visit to Norway.

Being in Finnsnes at the end of July / beginning of August meant she experienced nice summer weather here, as well as the extra activity associated with Finnsnes i Fest.

The journey out involved flying from London Stansted to Oslo, passing directly over where we grew up, and then onward to Bardfoss (our ‘local’ airport). The final leg was the bus to Finnsnes: broad daylight at nearly midnight. It was a long day but great views from the plane, including some huge thunder clouds visible from over 100 miles:

After a day to recover, we took a sight-seeing trip around the tourist route on outer coast of Senja. Regular readers will probably recognise the locations:





Bergsbotn looking towards Skaland. As is so often the case, the weather is different in each fjord.


The skerries and islands in Bergfjord, out from Skaland, shrouded in low cloud:

Svigermoren_26 Svigermoren_25 Svigermoren_24 Svigermoren_30 Svigermoren_29 Svigermoren_28 Svigermoren_27

Then on to Tungeneset and The Devils Teeth:

Back on the inner coast of Senja, this was the view towards Finnsnes, and Kistefjell:Svigermoren_48


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