A great inspiration for us during our time at Prince George in the US was reading the Bible in 90 days. It was hard work, but paid dividends in so many ways. A good percentage of the parish started, and most made it to the end (although some like me took a little extra time). Thank you Paul and Andy.

With that experience in mind, we suggested trying it here in Norway. After some discussion it was decided to start with the New Testament in 60 days, requiring a little under half the daily reading time of the whole Bible in 90 days.


So, on Sunday we started. To encourage people, we began with a meeting in Finnsnes, including parish members from number of our churches / chapels, as well as others from the Pentecostal church and the mission congregation. People took it in turns to read out loud the first days oppgave (task / mission / assignment) – the opening 5 chapters of the Gospel of Matthew. Afterwards there was time for reflection, questions and coffee. A good start.

There are already several groups which are forming for weekly discussion

Vil du være med? Will you join us?

If you would like to join in, you can download the reading plan we devised here (it’s in Norwegian, but it’s easy enough to work it out), or as a ‘picture’ at the end of this post. There’s also a short introduction to each book in the New Testament, again in Norwegian, here in PDF format (easier to print out as an folded booklet), or here in Word format (use this version if you want to copy the text into Google translate – it’s not entirely accurate, but reasonably understandable!).

By the way, ‘Kris’ means cross (i.e. tick / check when you have read).



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