Svigermor 2 – Fine Art

This is the second post about Sarah’s mum’s visit in August (read the first installment here).

Being here during Finnsnes i Fest meant there were lots of arts events and music. In Finnsnes church this included Være i Stillheten (mostly classical music with video and images), and an Internasjonal Kafe with a concert. Performers at the IK included Odd and Geir (Senja’s  Simon and Garfunkel), our friends the Moldsvor family, Litt av kvert (‘A bit of everything’), and The Bonbons (3 local rising stars with their own brand of folky pop: they’re very good – see a video here). The concert went down a storm and raised a lot of money for Save The Children in Syria.

At the end of her visit came opportunity to combine two of her passions – art and flowers. The ‘girls’ traveled to Tromsø on Hurtigruter (the big coastal ferry), whilst I drove the support vehicle (car).

Once in Tromsø the first stop was the main art gallery which houses a fine collection of north Norwegian art, from classic 18th and 19th century oil paintings which vividly capture the toughness of life then, to modern pieces which capture something (money maybe?). There’s even a painting by Norway’s most famous artist – Edvard Munch.

After the art gallery we visited the botanic gardens. Thankfully the rain held off just long enough:

Then it was dinner and on to the airport. All in all a good 10 days!


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