Preparing For Winter

The weather here has been very changeable the last couple of weeks. After flat calm last Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday morning, came high winds and an icy blast. It pretty much stripped all the remaining leaves from the trees, and by Saturday the temperature had dropped enough to freeze Finnsnes Vann (the town lake), initially thawing in Sunday’s sun, but then freezing over again at night, followed today by a bit of snow.

Wednesday is the first official day of winter here in the north, in so much as it’s the day for changing your tires over for the winter, although the highways authority (you know, the people with the very expensive loo) have been advising people to change in good time, so today we bought new tires for our car.

Pictures are:

Last Monday, a flat calm sea, disturbed only by a passing boat (from Bjorelvnes looking over the sea towards Gibostad on Senja):

The same rowan trees before and after Thursday’s high winds:

Finnsnes Vann – only partially thawed after a sunny Saturday:


Pictures taken on the way to Heggelia kapell in the neighbouring parish of Malselv, after a hard frost and freezing fog on Saturday night:


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