Just In Time

Yesterday I wrote that we had just changed to brand new winter tires.

Today, I was very glad we had! Winter tires with studs in are great on snow, but driving on asphalt, either wet or dry one must reduce speed and allow more time / distance for braking as they don’t grip as well as ordinary summer tires. Driving to Rossfjord to play for a funeral I initially felt the car slid a little as I braked on what appeared to be a wet road, so I slowed down more. Then a bit later I pulled off the road to take some pictures and experienced the same thing. However, on trying to get out of the car I quickly discovered the road wasn’t wet but covered with a sheet of ice, making it pretty difficult to stand. So, the rest of the journey was even slower. Had we not changed tires, I would certainly have ended up in a ditch. PTL.

Here are some of the pictures. The low cloud and mist, combined with sub-zero ground temperatures was the reason the road was covered in ice:




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