Nordlys Over Tromsø

I spent the weekend in Tromsø with most of our church leadership team as part of an Agenda 1 course. Agenda 1 is a church network, helping congregations and para-church groups find God’s vision for them, develop ways of moving forward in the vision, and very importantly, holding leaders accountable for implementing their plans!

As well as an intensive and exciting time together at the conference, we were also treated to a stunning display of norther lights (nordlys). Tromsø lies right in the middle of the belt of highest aurora activity, and is very popular with tourists wanting to experience them. Whilst Finnsnes is only about 45km / 30 miles south of Tromsø the way we experience the aurora seems quite different.

Initially there was a long period with the most common green ‘ribbons’ or ‘bands’ of light:


Then suddenly directly overhead came a very intense display, a bit like being in a shower: as well as green, there were purples and even white colours. Some people refer to this type of activity as aurora coronas. It probably lasted less than a minute and by the time the camera was set-up the it was already dying down and I only got 1 picture. Nordlys_over_Tromso_09

To give a better impression of the experience, I’ve “borrowed” a couple of pictures from other websites which gives a much better sense (although it wasn’t taken at the same time)!



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