As part of the preparations for the Arvid Hannsen Festival concert tomorrow in Finnsnes Kirke I took a trip to meet Arne Ivar Hanssen, Arvid’s son, who will be reading some of his fathers poetry between the music. We agreed to meet at Nordvindshagen (north wind’s garden) in Brøstadbotn, in Dyrøy kommune. I’ve never visited there before, and the drive was beautiful, heading south from Finnsnes. We’ve had snow on and off for the past couple of weeks and the light is starting to get ‘weaker’ as we approach mørketid (the dark time / ‘polar night’), which often produces pastel blues, greys and yellows, so that views look almost like paintings:

Nordvindshagen_01 Nordvindshagen_02

Nordvindshagen_05Nordvindshagen is a building erected almost as a posthumous ‘living memorial’ to Arvid Hanssen and his work. It houses the public library, a performance space, a small exhibition about Arvid Hanssen, as well as meeting spaces. The curtains / blinds are printed with his poems, a granite slab on the entrance hall floor is inscribed with another poem and a facsimile of his signature, and in the library area there are a selection of his original manuscripts, some of the paintings and line drawings used to illustrate his works, news paper articles, etc.

The outside of the building also has poems on the walls:

Here is Arne Ivar, the quiet, hospitable and kind driving force behind the centre:


We’re looking forward to working with him tomorrow!

These were some of the views from the journey home:Nordvindshagen_18

Nordvindshagen_22 Nordvindshagen_19 Nordvindshagen_21 Nordvindshagen_20


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