Out Of A Clear Blue Sky

On the way into the office today there was a sudden intense white light in the sky. What passes through ones mind?

  • The end of time / the return of Jesus (in our line of work it would make Christmas a whole lot less stressful)?
  • Imminent nuclear attack (we’re quite close to Russia)?
  • A plane reflecting the sun’s light (the sun is now always below the horizon at sea level but continues to illuminate high objects such as mountain tops)?
  • Worse, a plane exploding?
  • Fireworks (it certainly looked way to high)?
  • A UFO (well by definition it was, because I couldn’t identify it)? Does that make me a ‘believer’?
  • Filming of special effects for yet another Iron Man movie?
  • Why did I bury the camera under a load of junk in my bag (I was in a hurry)?

In the few seconds it took to get the camera out, the light disappeared, leaving only a ‘scribbly’ white trail, with a large gap between segments.

What do you think (click pictures to enlarge)?

Out_of_a_clear_blue_sky_01 Out_of_a_clear_blue_sky_02


Here is an high contrast ‘enhanced version’:Out_of_a_clear_blue_sky_03

Come back tomorrow for the real explanation (none of the above)!


4 responses to “Out Of A Clear Blue Sky

  1. Given it’s nearly advent, you might do well to follow the bright light in the sky and see if it leads to Bethlehem.

    Alternatively, maybe it could be a little meteorite, perhaps dropping in to celebrate Norway’s success in the chess world championships?

  2. Creative – but wrong.

  3. Looks like the exhaust from a Ground to air rocket…….. Enjoy your messages about the Wondrous Northland… Hope all are well. Pete Dubay

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