Cancelling Christmas

On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me . . . absolutely nothing, at least in Norway. Here andre Juledag (the second day of Christmas) is a public holiday, so there are no deliveries and  almost everything is closed, except essential services: hospitals, petrol stations, churches, etc. However, this year we had to take church off the “open” list, after rather a lot of snow closed the road to Husøy, along with most of the other mountain passes on Senja.

So, with an almost free day and no possibility of using our car (stuck in the underground parking garage which has 3′ / 1m of snow on the ramp), we took a walk to visit friends. It was a bit of obstacle course with snow in places nearly waist deep, and snowploughs working at full speed creating snow hills:

Still, at least we found refreshment on the way home:


We’ve also started new years wish list: a ‘selfie stick’, strong enough to support a proper camera!


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