Shortly before Christmas I oppdaget (discovered) a PR feil (problem). A journalist from Folkebladet – our local paper – popped into church and asked what time it would be convenient to be interviewed. I explained that his colleague had  already interviewed me earlier in the year, but he replied that was the Friday interview, but he wrote the Saturday interview, a different and bigger article, and we needed to meet later that day so I could explain my musical omnipresence (I’m paraphrasing). I was puzzled but agreed to meet that evening.

His first question revealed the problem:

On the service list for Lenvik there are many clergy who will officiate, but only kantor Jon Blamire who will play. Are you playing in all the churches this Christmas?


It seems that somewhere along the line there had been a misprint and on three occasions I was due to play in 3 places simultaneously (Christmas Eve), and I would follow that up with 1 x 2 places on Christmas Day. Impressive but wrong!

Anyway, having corrected that misunderstanding, we continued to chat about our work as kantors, how we came to Norway, and language.

Article in Norwegian is here.

For anyone interested, omnipresent is allestedsnærværende in Norwegian. Linguistically at least, I would rather be omnipotent – it’s easier to say allmektig!


2 responses to “Omnipresence

  1. Nice article! Perhaps you could play here as well one Sunday when you’ve only got a few other churches to do, so I can take a quiet day off?

  2. Hi Jon, I’m truly amazed how much of the language you have mastered. It
    seem very difficult. Anyway congratulations on making the news! Happy
    New Year. All my best to you and yours. Zella

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