Finally Some Colour

So far this winter mørketid (the polar ‘night) has been rather grey, without the wonderful colours of the last couple of years. But with only a couple of days til soldag (the end of polar night when the sun first re-appears), this weekend has been different. Yesterday we got pastel pinks and strongly lit clouds on the horizon:


Today, Sunday, started off looking like a re-run of the same, so I was treated to a rose-tinted ride to play for an 11am service in Botnhamn (north on the island of Senja):


After the service though, the sky began to light up. This was Botnhamn:

Finally_some_colour_10Then heading back from Botnhamn, towards Gibostad, it got better:


Once at Gibostad, the view over Gisundet (the sea or ‘sound’ between Senja and the mainland) really open up. The colours changed minute by minute and necessitated frequent stops for pictures!

Finally_some_colour_16 Finally_some_colour_18



One response to “Finally Some Colour

  1. Absolutely spectacular! We can hardly wait for spring here. So many
    grey rainey days. Zella

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