Man Made Mørketid

On Thursday evening the whole of north Norway was plunged into darkness (mørke) – not by the setting of the now returned sun, but by a failure in the national powergrid. In what is slightly typically, there were a couple of lines on the nation news website to say power was off, and then a couple of lines when at least some areas were restored (with a warning that it is likely to happen again). But it was nothing like the news coverage of a kitchen window, broken by snow! See it here. Not that we’re saying there’s any kind of north – south divide . . .

On a more serious note, sitting in our apartment lit only by candles, unable to make a cup of tea or cook, and with the temperature beginning to drop despite very good insulation, it did bring home to us just how reliant were are on electricity! Of course people have lived here for hundreds, possibly thousands of years, but they had access to ‘old technology’ – for example, a fire!

Thankfully the power-cut only lasted about 3 hours, and just after I’d put on a thicker jumper and my warm socks, the lights came back. Still, we can now sympathise with the folk in Karasok who last week suffered a two day long power cut with external temperatures of -40C.


One response to “Man Made Mørketid

  1. We had an ice storm about a year ago and our electricity was out for
    several days . Brr! No fun! Zella

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