Orkan Ole

Today I traveled to Vestbygd on the island of Hinnøya ready to play a concert tomorrow, The original plan was to make it a day tour, but with the return drive taking 9 hours and the threat of bad weather, I was very kindly offered a room for the night at the home of some church members in the village. This turned out to be very much for the best as I now begin tho feel their house shaking a bit in the wind.

Tomorrow north Norway will receive a visit from Orkan Ole (pronounced Orkaan Oolaa) – Hurricane ‘Ole’. Forecasters are talking about the worst weather here in living memory, and at least one low lying island has been evacuated with the threat of Spring Tides and waves up to to 25m / 75′! The general advice, in view of the power cuts last week is, buy some candles, charge your phone and stay at home.

Thankfully Vestbygd should only get a full storm and average winds of 65 mph. I’m just hoping the forecasters get it right and that they don’t close the 1km / 2/3 mile Tjelsund bridge which connects us to the mainland as I have to drive home after the concert in order to play for Sunday services!

However it remains to be seen if the concert goes ahead, as there is apparently a chunk of the church roof which is loose and might blow off.

Interesting times . . .


One response to “Orkan Ole

  1. Well if you had come to Norway like I did, in the Autumn of 1991, you would have experienced the infamous Nyttårsorkan (New Year’s Hurricane) of 1st January 1992. That was the benchmark for the worst in Norwegian history, and I sat right in the middle of it, so all this talk in the media is a load of you-know-what. Moreoever in 1996, Lødingen was hit by a bad tempered full storm, which by all accounts Ole is going to be. Having said that, we must pray that it doesn’t develop into a new benchmark, and of course I hope we still have a roof on the church tomorrow…..

    When you are nicely rested home after this, you might like to read up about the Nyttårsorkan. I assure you if you went through that, it will take a lot of beating to get anything worse.

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