New Skis

We’ve had skis since our first winter in Norway, but have struggled with smør. This is a multi-use word meaning butter, to spread, or the wax you put on cross country skis. It important to understand the context – especially at meal times!

The problem (in skiing terms) is that you have to have the correct wax on your skis for the conditions. One buys a set of 4 – 6 ‘colour coded’ waxes’ and then tries to determine which one to use, based on temperature, how fresh / old the snow is, whether there is ice, etc. The wax is then applied to certain areas of the skis in order to get good grip. This is usually done before you set off, but changing conditions can mean stopping to re-wax en-route. And then there is klister (literally adhesive), which you use if there is a lot of ice, especially towards the end of the season. Klister is messy, sticks to everything (skin, clothing, even snow)  and is very hard to remove. Learning to smør correctly is the study of a life time.

Living here means that in theory if one has a spare hour, it should be possible to go skiing. However, the waxing issue often precludes or deters. So, today I invested in wax free skis. What a liberation! The purists are of course correct that they’re not quite as fast, etc, etc, but they’re fast enough for me, and definitely better than not going at all!

This afternoon Susanna and I went for our first trip:




One response to “New Skis

  1. Congratulations on the butterless lifestyle – and have fun!

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