Saturday – On Tour

This weekend has been particularly busy, but great fun.

Yesterday (Saturday) began with just enough time to have another go on my new skis. Here are some pics from the tour – the clouds were amazing.


Saturday_On_Tour_08 Saturday_On_Tour_09

I was amazed and slightly worrying to see the ski tracks running down the steepest part of kistefjell (see the track almost immediately below the giant TV tower): in the summer it’s almost 1000′ of hands and feet scramble!


After a quick sandwich it was off to the confirmand camp at Tømmeneset for a sang timer – an hour of singing and learning hymns and songs. They did well – especially the boys, although in the end the lure of lunch became a bit distracting (risgrøt – rice pudding is traditional Saturday food here, and is used as a vehicle for butter, sugar and cinnamon – rather like grits in the US!). This was the view over the frozen lake, before and after it snowed:

Saturday_On_Tour_15 Saturday_On_Tour_16

Finally it was off to Botnhamn, (via Husøy to collect some equipment which got stranded last time the road was closed). It was  a couple of hours drive in the snow, so no scenery pictures for this segment. We had another confirmand ‘job’, this time as the entertainment for a fund-raising evening. Our parish supports about 100 children in Congo so that they can go to school. Great coffee and cake.


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