Rise Of The Machines

Not much in the way of pictures at the moment, so here is a story I found on the Norwegian nation broadcastering website (NRK).

It’s a report from Swedish researchers saying that over 50% of current jobs will be replaced by computers by 2035, together with a table of those most at risk. It makes interesting reading. There are some surprises (librarians, models, hunters, blacksmiths and agents).

Photo Models 98.0%
Bookkeeping and auditing assistants 97.0%
Machine operators in wood industries 97.0%
Library Assistants 97.0%
Checkout Employees 95.3%
Assistants in agriculture, forestry and fishing 95.0%
Other machine operators and assemblers 94.8%
Sellers in retail 94.4%
Street and market sellers 94.0%
Other office staff 94.0%
Cleaning and recovery workers 93.0%
Office Secretaries and data punchers 92.2%
Installers 91.4%
Operators 90.2%
Machine operators in rubber and plastics industries 89.8%
Train drivers 89.6%
Administrative Assistants 89.3%
Process Operators of steel and metal 89.0%
Kitchen and restaurant assistants 88.6%
Food service and restaurant personnel 88.4%
Furniture and model carpenters 87.9%
Blacksmiths, verktøysmakere 87.1%
Butchers, bakers, confectioners 87.1%
Machine operators in chemical industry 86.2%
Coarse Workers in construction 84.8%
Welders, casters 84.1%
Agents 81.7%
Machine operators lithographic 81.1%
Turners 80.6%
Drivers 80.1%
Forestry Users 79.8%
Storage and transport assistants 78.8%
Postman 78.6%
Delivery drivers and couriers 77.9%
Painters, sweeps and refinishers 75.5%
Process Operators, wood and paper industry 75.0%
Janitors 74.6%
Printmakers 74.5%
Construction workers 73.0%
Mining and quarrying workers. Stonecutters 72.2%
Sellers, buyers, brokers 71.2%
Other service workers 71.1%
Hand Packers and other factory workers 70.3%
Biomedical analysts 68.7%
Hardware and engine repair 66.7%
Tailors and paperhangers 65.5%
Security Staff 65.4%
Cleaners 64.4%
Operating Machinists 63.7%
Fishermen and hunters 62.4%
Electricians, telecommunications and electronics repairers 57.2%
Engineers and technicians 56.4%
Archivists and librarians 50.4%
Tanners, leather workers, shoemakers 50.3%

Thankfully there is no mention of musicians / organists / kantors.

One can only wonder toward what sort of world are we headed? Maybe the researchers have been watching the Terminator films.  Do they foresee some kind of universal ‘personbot’ that can find you a book, check out your shopping, shoe your horse, shot your next meal, and pose on a cat walk? Will the same device also clean your toilet (esepcially the hard to get to bit round the back), fill in your tax return (hopefully having washed it’s hands first), then redecorate your home? And will it try to kill you if you want to switch it off?

And how reliable will it be? To quote the much used worst oxymoron: Microsoft works!

Hmm . . . .


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