Do 2

Last year I posted about the most expensive toilet (do) in Norway, which was under construction at Ersfjord beach on the yttersia (outer coast) of Senja. My trip last Friday provided an opportunity to check on progress.

The outside is definitely finished, but the door was locked, so it wasn’t possible to inspect the internal functionality. Also the red ‘beacon’ light wasn’t on (presumably so as to not attract attention because it isn’t available for use).

This is it. It still looks like an abandoned snow plough:

February 2015h 051



From one very specific angle it does ‘harmonise’ with the landscape:

February 2015h 053

Having walked through knee-deep snow in the uncleared car park, one is greeted by a very ‘interesting’ door (inspired by Victor / Victoria?):

February 2015h 052

At the other end of the car park is what I assume must have been a prototype – at least the colour scheme blends in better and the door is open!

February 2015h 055

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