More Views From The Outside

Last Friday there was a funeral at Botnhamn, out on the north of Senja. Sarah and Susanna decided to round off their winter holiday week with a luxury cruise on the Hurtigruter to Tromsø, so I was delegated to play. By way of compensation I took the longer ‘scenic’ route home, around the yttersia (outside) of Senja. The weather wasn’t great, but it was nice to have a change of scenery. I began with a detour to the island of Husøy to deliver some sound equipment and eat my sandwiches:More_Views_From_The_Outside_01


Then it was on with the tour, first to Medfjordbotn  with views out past the steep concave side of Segla (the sail) to ‘lands end’, and then Senjahopen:

There was lots of ice, despite a week with temperatures well above freezing. Rocks begin to look like ice pillows and icicles form from every available dripping point:

Through a long and very modern looking tunnel one emerges at Ersfjord. Here there were much larger ice features  – frozen waterfalls with an iridescent  blue colour, some several hundred feet tall!

The trip wasn’t without wildlife. Cormorants sat on isolated rocks in the fjords drying themselves, and eider ducks swam together:

At Tungeneset, I had a brief pause to see the famous devil’s teeth:

Looking out over Bergsfjord (Skaland) one sees the many small islands known as Bergsøyan – once home to a thriving fishing community. The sun was setting with a pastel orange glow, and right out on the horizon was a bank of cloud (heading our way with rain). Note the light house on the final promontory at Hamn (Hellandsneset), and it’s scale compared to mountain above!




The final photo stop was the tourist observation point above Bergsbotn:


There was the possibility of skiing up in Svanelvdalen on the final leg of the drive home, but the aforementioned rain arrived just as I stopped the car to get ready, so it was avlyst (cancelled).

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