Full Storm

At the weekend our parish leadership team were in Tromsø for another Agenda 1 meeting (Agenda 1 gives church leaders teaching plus time to listen to God and plan for the future with mission at the centre).

We had a great and productive time. We all traveled together by car. This was a view over Balsfjord: Full_Storm_01

Because we couldn’t find a vikar (substitute) organist I had to return for Sunday services. To maximise my time in Tromsø I took Huritgruten home. This is the coastal ferry / cruise ship which was great other than the travel times (leaves 1.30 am, arriving in Finssnes 4.30 am!). I’ve made the journey once before, during the midnight sun, but this time it was dark and the weather forecast was full storm! Thankfully the ship just sail serenely through it:


After colleagues had joked about the potential for falling asleep on board  and then waking up in, for example, Bergen, I was also thankful to be awake for disembarkation. And so it was that I played in Finnsnes, albeit on sleep-deprived autopilot (pronounced or-toe-pee-lot in Norwegian).

And what was this?

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