Today we almost experienced an almost complete solar eclipse. The only one Finnsnes is likely to experience in our lifetime.

Almost, because the path of the total eclipse just missed us (something to do with the spring equinox and the tilt of the earth). And almost, because it clouded over and snowed at the critical moment! However, looked at from another point of view, how many people come even close to experiencing an arctic eclipse? Not many . . .

The day dawned with  bright sunshine, but quickly deteriorated. We were however blessed with glimpses through the clouds. The picture sequence runs from about 10am (just as the eclipse was beginning) to 11.20, about 15 minutes after the maximum. The colouration in some pictures is due to the lighting gels which were the only thing I could find to shield the camera at the points when the sun was unobscured by cloud or snow.


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