The Final Count Down

We now have Susanna safely back from Space Camp (a physics trip to the Norwegian Space Centre – yes they really do have one!), which was apparently good fun, as well as educational.

And now we are in our own final count down – to Påskefestuka, which begins on Sunday. This year has turned out to be a bigger undertaking than we had expected due to a flood of funerals, extra services, etc. Final preparations consist of video editing, musical arrangements, score printing, stocking up on HMREs (homemade meals ready to eat), last minute extra publicity, oh, and some rehearsing.

Sunday kicks off with Palm Sunday family services in Gibostad Kapell and Finnsnes Kirke with music led by our Ungdomskor (youth choir). Norwegians – don’t forget that clocks go forward on Sunday!

On Sunday evening we have Være i Stillhet at 7 pm in Finnsnes kirke.



Være i Stillheten is somewhere between worship and a concert – live classical music ‘accompanied’ by pictures, video and words. Because it’s Easter week, everything contributes to the passion narrative. Here is the provisional (!) program:

  • Welcome
  • Opp Guds folk (Wachet Auf) – J.S. Bach
  • Euphonium Concertino (1. movt) – Rolf Wilhelm
  • Orgel konsert i a mol, BWV 593 – A. Vivaldi / J.S. Bach
  • Erbarme dich (Matteuspasjon, BWV 244) – J.S. Bach
  • He was despised (Messiah) –  G.F. Handel
  • Via Dolorosa – Sandi Patti
  • Thy rebuke hath broken His heart (Messiah) –  G.F. Handel
  • Behold, and see (Messiah) –  G.F. Handel
  • He was cut off out of the land of the living (Messiah) –  G.F. Handel
  • Din egen sonn (O du Guds Lam) – Twila Paris
  • But Thou dids’t not leave His soul in hell (Messiah) –  G.F. Handel
  • Deg Være Ære (Thine be the glory) – congregational hymn
  • Toccata (from Organ Symphony 5) – C.M Widor
  • Blessing (Velsignelsen)
  • Gabriel’s Oboe – Ennio Morricone
  • Coffee and cake (Kirke Kaffe i Menighetshal)

On Monday we follow up with Barnaspåskefest (our Easter festival for children). 5 scenes from the easter week are told interactively as the children (and adults) go on a tour around the building. Opening and closing music is led by our Barnakor (childrens choir) and the church band. Read more about last year’s here.



2 responses to “The Final Count Down

  1. thelma beaubian

    Hi Jon,

    I didn’t realize there were black families there. Are they excepted any better there than in the USA?


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