Påskefestuka – The Remains

It’s been a pretty hectic week so far, but so far people seem pleased with our Easter festival, Påskefestuka.

Our Ungdomskor (youth choir) sang well for the Palm Sunday family service – most even made it to rehearsal on time despite loosing an hours sleep due to the clocks going forward.

After a somewhat fraught Sunday afternoon fighting a very lethargic laptop (maybe it was missing it’s hour?), Være i Stillheten went very well, with the highlight for many being Susanna playing Gabriel’s Oboe (the music, not the instrument).

Yesterday was a very long and mixed day, beginning with 2 hour long double funeral (almost 700 mourners, so a completely full church, including over 100 Hells Angels from most European countries, plus the US and Canada). We then had a couple of hours to completely rest the building ready for our Easter children’s event, Barnaspåskefest. A slightly depleted children’s choir did an excellent job of leading the music, and over 100 people joined in a ‘wandering’ with 5 ‘stations’ telling the events of Holy Week (pictures from last year are here). After coffee and cake we set to with changing the layout of the church yet again, for the Easter Labyrinth. We finished in record time due to some excellent help from friends, but even so it was a 15 hour day!

Today has been a bit more relaxed: opening the labyrinth, a short lunch service, planning a few other services and funerals, and a Salmekveld (a hymn singing evening – almost no preparation possible, but always a challenge with spontaneous suggestions from the congregation, with over 1000 possible choices – all in Norwegian or Swedish! We rounded off the day with some practice for the Våpenhuskonsert.

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