We’ve made it to Påskeaften (Easter Eve).

The last two ‘cultural’ events went well: the Våpenhuskonsert drew an audience of 85, which is far to many, so some people had to sit in the parish hall with the doors open, and in combination with Være i Stillheten brought in donations of 7000 NoK (600 GBP or $900) towards redecoration work.

Today we only have one service (11pm), so we had time for a short ski trip on Senja.

In Norway there is a huge fixation about Påskestemning (Easter atmosphere / feeling) which sadly is nothing to do with Jesus, but rather outdoor activities, trips in the country and ‘holiday spirit’. Key elements are sunny weather, enough snow for skiing, digging holes and grilling things over an open fire. Today, we experienced a bit:





You can also see a 360 degree panorama here.


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