God Påske / Happy Easter 2015

A little late in the day, but God Påske / Happy Easter!

– Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Hallalujah!

 – Kristus er oppstanden! Ja, han er sannelig oppstanden! Hallelujah!

It appears that our parish is bucking the national trend of declining Easter day congregations. Today we had approximately double the attendance of last year! This may be because weather wise, today’s been a bit of a let down (at least in the context of Påskestemmning – see the post from yesterday for details). However yesterday evening we got amazing colours just after sunset: the mountain-tops lit up almost fluorescent pink! Click the pictures to enlarge:


God_Paaske_2015_06 God_Paaske_2015_07 God_Paaske_2015_08 God_Paaske_2015_09 God_Paaske_2015_10


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