Alpha Update

Some of you may recall that in the new year we began an Alpha Course. 60 people began and with two sessions to go, we’re still around 50, which is pretty good. A couple of weeks ago we had the course weekend away (well actually just a long Saturday). We were hosted in Rossfjord at the flerbrukeshus (multi-use parish building) which worked really well

Part of the decoration in the main hall is a patchwork ‘tapestry’, created by one of our cousre participants, made from older embroidered panels, donated by people living in the Rossfjord area. It is a great illustration of what it means to be ‘the church’ – everyone brings something, and if one person is missing things don’t ‘hang’ together and one looses the beauty of the whole. Click to enlarge.




The tapestry was put together from old hand-work, donated by residents and is the village’s gift to the Flerbrukshus.

The tapestry reflects the village hand-work tradition through many decades and stands as a cultural inheritance worth preserving.

Many of the hand-work panels are old and fragile, so it’s fine that you just look in wonder, and don’t touch the tapestry!

The journey out was also special, with a new dusting of snow, crisp, clear air and bright sunshine:

Alpha_Update_01 Alpha_Update_03

And finally, the advert. We start a new course in the autumn, and if you want to have a ‘taster’ we’re running a preview supper evening:


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