Journeys To Bjorelvnes

The last week or so has brought an unusally large number of funerals to the old Lenvik Parish Church at Bjorelvnes, about a half hour drive north of Finnsnes. This has meant multiple trips.

Here are pictures from Tuesday. The panorama is Senja over Gisundet, the sound which separates Senja from the mainland. The other very zoomed image is some of the mountains on the south Senja:

Journeys_To_Bjorelvnes_01 Journeys_To_Bjorelvnes_02

The rest of the pictures were taken today. The first 360° panorama has Bjorelvnes in the ‘foreground’ with the old Lenvik Parish Church, the town in the distance over the sea is Gibostad on Senja (you can see an ‘interactive’ panorama here). There was quite a bit of boat traffic, including the small local fishing boats, and a boat towing 4 huge salmon farming enclosures. The second panorama shows Gibostad which appears to be nestled under some hills. It’s a bit deceiving really: Gibastad stands on a ness (peninsula), so the hills are actually about 20 miles away over the sea on Kvaløya!



And the water looks inviting doesn’t it?

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