Signs Of Spring

Spring is (sadly?) on the way. Here are some of the signs:

1. It’s stopped snowing and started raining 😦
2. It no longer gets properly dark at night
3. The seagulls are returning (and singing their ‘song’)
4. Things that were lost in the snow last autumn are re-appearing. For example, the picnic table and play equipment in the play area outside our apartment, and a minibus in a car park somewhere in the middle of Norway:

5. Everything is covered in mud, or grey dust (caused by the studs on winter car tyre grinding the round surface), or both.
6. The snow is melting fast, making it harder to find places to ski. One of the problems is that at the bottom of a lot of hills are rivers, which in ‘proper’ winter are frozen solid and covered in snow, but now are running free and could be a bit hazardous if one were to ‘ramle ned‘ (fall over).

2 responses to “Signs Of Spring

  1. Love the signs of spring. Very Eeyore.

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