Norwegian Silliness 01

Norway’s state broadcasting organisation (NRK) has a website with a wide range of news items, from very serious domestic and international stories, to some that leave one wondering if it’s the 1st of April again. Here are a couple:

Oktobass. An extreme bassist of the classical persuasion has bought herself themself an oktobass. This instrument is about 3m / 10′ tall, costs about 100000 NOK / $6000 / 10000 GBP per meter, and plays a bottom note that is so low that no-one can hear it.  The full story is here, including videos of it being played.

Exported Norwegian elk / moose required a toilet stop every two hours

Yes, that’s right. Elk / moose which were recently exported from Norway to Slovakia required a stop every two hours for fresh air and to ‘relieve’ themselves. Full story here. I cannot image how these kings of the woods were prevented from wandering off: they normally take no notice of humans unless they feel threatened, when they can be very aggressive. They also have zero road sense, as we discovered on Sunday evening when a full grown male casually stepped over the crash barrier and crossed the road a few feet in front of our car. Thankfully Sarah reacted very quickly so the car is in one piece, as is the animal.

The Teddybears’  Polar Bears’ Picnic

Whilst visiting Svarlbad to see the recent solar eclipse, some Czech tourists now risk being straffet (punished either with a large fine or a spell in prison) after allowing themselves to become a polar bear’s picnic. Apparently the bear managed to evade both their camp polar bear perimeter early warning system, and a sentry (who had fallen asleep) and was just tucking into a tourist, when he was caught red handed (although no-one was seriously hurt). Full story here.

More silliness soon . . .

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