3 Years And Counting

My third anniversary of coming to Norway slipped past quietly this week.

God is good, and we continue to be here to worship.

Despite the predictions of “You’ll be fluent in the Norwegian after 2 weeks / a month / 3 months / 6 months / a year / a couple of years”, I’m still far from a native speaker. However, it works OK for me (mostly)!

And I’m better at skiing than when I arrived . . .

. . . which leads neatly to pictures from a ski-trip-cum-lesson today, at Finnfjordbotn (an area close to Susanna’s school). This including a stop at a lavo (tent) where we tente en bål (lit a camp fire, in the tent) and drank tea (teabags courtesy of the Royal Air Force). I was complimented on my improving technique, given tips on how to look less English, and then later was loaned a 200+ page in book about how to ski (in Norwegian, but with good illustrations!!!!).

This panorama is looking out towards the mountains in Målselv kommune. The furthest frozen lake is Finnfjordvatnet – seen last weekend from the other end:



This is the lavo (photo taken a couple of week on another trip)3_Years_And_Counting_02:


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