Signs Of Spring 2015 – 2

Further to the previous signs of spring, last Saturday we had a bit of a walk around town, and here is some of what we saw:

Green Grass As in South Carolina, the grass here goes brown in winter, although you don’t really notice once it’s snowed. However, it going green again.

Flowers They literally appeared over night, and there are more coming everyday.

More Seagulls Seen pictured on the still-frozen Finnsnes Vann. They are also beginning to squabble noisily over nesting sites on the flat roof over our offices.

Receding Piles Of Snow Not very attractive anymore.

The First Wedding Of The Year Congratulations to the happy couple.

Super Spring Silliness The local scouts were out on the town square giving away coffee and waffles, and inviting people to build a pile of crates while standing on the top. Apparently the record is 28, but this time the best was 10, due to a very strong cold wind, and the lack of a flat foundation. Going, going, gone . . .

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