Detour_01Last week I played for a funeral in Fjordgård, out at the north end of our parish, on Senja. It was a beautiful day so as well as going with the usual equipment (appropriate black clothing, music, tools in case the instrument isn’t working . . .) I also took the camera and skis.

After the funeral I got a good tip that Medfjordvatnet (a lake beside the road to Fjordgård) was still safe to ski over, so I had an hour out in the midday sun. This is a 360 degree view, and there’s an interactive panorama here:


After skiing I took the long way home, around the ‘outside’ Atlantic coast of Senja. First to Medfjord:



Then to Ersfjord:

Here are a couple of video from Ersfjord. The second is slow motion, which is something I’ve just discovered on my relatively new camera:

Finally, there was just time for another hour skiing in Svandalen. There’s something very satisfying about leaving your tracks in untouched snow!Detour_13




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