With spring in full swing we’ve reached May, which means lots of special days (and quite a bit of extra work). So, in addition to the usual services, funerals, weddings, rehearsal, etc, we have:

  • 1st May (May day / workers day / yesterday) – a public holiday. NOT a holy day but still with an extra service. This year I didn’t get ‘co-opted’ into carrying the flag at the front of the parade. And it didn’t snow . . .
  • 2nd May (Today). The first of 11 confirmation services this year. The official attendance is 529, but it felt like (and probably was) more. We love these services, especially the Saturdays when we all play together (band, organ and singers).



  • 4th May. Barnekor and Ungdomskor  (children and youth choirs) concert at the care centre for the elderly.
  • 14th May. Kristihimelfart (Ascension Day) with extra services.
  • 17th May. National day with lots of extra services.
  • 24th May. Pentecost.
  • 25th May. Pentecost, again (with extra service in the ‘district’).
  • 30th May. A special ‘trinity’ concert with our good friend Christopher Briggs.
  • 31st May. Trinity.

And then it’s June, and soon it’ll be Christmas!!


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