A May Evening

This evening was a double delight.

First we took the children’s and youth choirs to Finnsnes Omsorgsenter (the care section of the hospital), to sing a short concert. They sang well, although it was the first time for many in an ‘up close and personal’ setting with a very dead acoustic (usually they sing in church where they are much further from the congregation). The program was made up of favourite songs and modern hymns from the children’s choir, two part songs from the youth choir, and some older Norwegian hymns for everyone to sing (including the audience). The concert was arranged by Evelyn, my first Norwegian landlady (wearing the orange and black top in the final picture), who volunteers at the hospital, and afterwards served us refreshments. Meeting her periodically is a reminder to me of how far we have come linguistically: when I first arrived Evelyn’s husband had to translate between us, but now we can hold a conversation without problem!

Later in the evening we went to the shop to buy milk, taking a detour via the beach. It was very still, with the quiet was broken only by seagulls mobbing a passing eagle, and then a small fishing boat.



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