Treenighet – A Concert

Trinity (Treenighet) is a while off yet, but here’s preliminary information about En konsert rundt 3 (One concert around 3):

3 performers – Our good friend Christopher Briggs, Sarah and I.

3 instruments – organ, piano and harmonium.

Music all connected to 3 (key signatures, time signatures, number of players, etc), including:


  • Prelude & Fugue in Eb (BWV552) – J.S. Bach’s great trinitarian masterpiece.
  • Piano sonata i Eb (K282, 1st movt) – W.A. Mozart
  • 3 Norwegian Toccatas – J. Blamire (based on 3 popular Norwegian hymns for Christmas, Easter and Pentecost)
  • Minuet Gothique – L. Boëllmann
  • Waltz for 3 pianists – S. Rakhmaninov (6 hands, 1 piano, so it’s good to be friends!)
  • Scherzo for harmonium (Op.31) A. Guilmant)


Everyone welcome!Treenighet 02


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