Back To The Stone-Age

Today was the 4th of 5 confirmation services in Finnsnes. The order of service has remained basically the same, with changes to the sermon so that the people who have come to all of them don’t get bored. However, today we finished a little differently.  In the middle of the 1st verse of the last hymn (Deg Være Ære / Thine Be The Glory) the power went off. Our local power transformer “sa takk for seg” (died), so, in the blink of an eye (or in a puff of smoke) we were back to the stone age!

No text to sing (the projector requires power), no organ (at least once the bellows emptied of air, comedy style), no sound system (so it all went a bit quiet), and no drums (they’re electronic). However, the acoustic guitarist manfully continued to lead the 500+ people! Within half a verse the drummer had grabbed a djemba and I’d got the cover of the piano, so we ended the service in the 19th century. Shame most people couldn’t remember the words . . . .

Here is a completely unrelated picture, taken this evening:



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