Alt Er Klart

Everything is ready.  The big countdown to the 17th (tomorrow) is almost complete.

The last of the Finnsnes area confirmands were confirmed on Thursday – Kristihimmelfartsdag (Ascension day, which is still a public holiday in Norway). Pictures show some of the 600+ congregation, and the organist trying his best to clear the building by pulling out all the stops, which seemed to work!

All the concerns mentioned in the previous post have been dealt with:

  • The forecast is good (at least here in the north), with full sunshine in the critical 11 – 12 time frame when the tog (procession / train) wends it’s way through Finnsnes, with just enough breeze to wave the flags.Alt_er_Klart_01
  • The ice on Finnsnes Vann suddenly melted on Thursday afternoon. We’ve never seen so much ice disappear so quickly, and there’s discussion about whether the council have started heating it! On Friday the council were even able to put the ‘islands’ back, which will be good for the seagulls. Pictures from Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday:


Now, if only the authorities can find the missing penguins, tomorrow will be a perfect day.


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