It’s Raining So . . .

. . . no pictures of the midnight sun yet.

In order to keep the blog ticking over, here are some recent headlines, culled from the NRK (Norwegian national broadcast) website:

The midnight sun makes you dull, fat and ‘unromantic’. The uniform reaction from all here in the north reading that headline is “must have been written by a southerner”. The text follows up by saying that we have to keep the bedroom dark and follow strict routines (so tell us something we didn’t know). It’s not a very good advert for the thriving midnight sun tourism industry, but don’t let that put you off visiting. At least the article had a nice picture:

Police could have given out $15000 of driving fines in 5 minutes. NRK set up a camera next to a roundabout in Alta (in Finnmark, 8 hours drive north of us). In the space of 5 minutes they filmed drivers incorrectly tackling the round about in a manner which could have resulted in $15000+ of fines. When asked why they weren’t doing something about it, the police spokesman replied that they were out catching real criminals ( I’m paraphrasing). Sensing a followup question, the policeman added that they didn’t deliberately target areas where they could levy the most fines (funny, we hear that in most countries . . .). Just so you know, the fine for not using your indicators (correctly or at all) is $300 and driving in the wrong lane can cost you $600+. I guess if you try going the wrong direction or directly over the roundabout it will be even more expensive.

90 year old Austrian is to heavy. This time Norwegian police were stopping overweight vehicles, including a Czech couple who had 1 ton of food in their camper, and the aforementioned fat Austrian. Neither driver was fined. However, it’s reported that the Czech pair were told to wait in a lay-by for friends come and help them ‘eat the food’. Meanwhile, the overweight Austrian had to leave his food with the police and comeback to collect it another day (maybe after some exercise?)

And the really criminals : –

Final year high school students broke into a zoo and stole the penguins for a prank. One of the penguins is still missing and whilst 4 students admit breaking and entering, none of them say they stole the birds. This is of course a national scandal.


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