Enough Concerts For A Festival!

We noticed that in the next 2 weeks we have 5 concerts in Finnsnes Church – enough to make a festival. So here is “Something for everyone“, our spring festival (Vår in Norwegian means both our and spring!):



Treenighet!    Saturday 30th May – 7pm

An exciting concert for Trinity, with Christopher Briggs, Sarah and I (the 3 B’s), playing 3 instruments (organ, piano and harmonium), with music all somehow related to 3. More details here.

Salmer i sommerkveld    Wednesday 3rd June – 9pm

A summer evening of hymn singing with Finnsnes Kantori (the church adult choir).

Rostocks manskör    Thursday 4th June – 7pm

Rostocks manskör (male voice choir) from Sweden, joined by coloratura soprano soloist Anna Foresbo.

Gladsang i juni    Saturday 6th June – 6pm

Joyful song in June. A concert with three local choirs: Finnsnes Korforening, Rossfjord blandekoret and Kjølenkoret.

Finnsnes church summer concert    Saturday 13th June – 6pm

A relaxed family concert with our church children’s choir, youth choir, the church band and soloists. Music from Easter through to the summer. More details soon.


One response to “Enough Concerts For A Festival!

  1. An excellent pedagogic example to show you why Norwegian joins words. “Vår musikk” means “our music”, whereas “vårmusikk” means “spring music”. Norwegians make mistakes in the language as well – phew, something I’m relieved at – and this is a classic example of not following the “orddelingreglene” (rules for the splitting of words). It’s a Norwegian language sin in just the same way as the abuse of apostrophes is in English!

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