Lots Of Choirs

We’ve now completed the first week of our two week music festival. It’s been a real treat.

The salmerkveld (hymn singing evening) went well, with a good turnout, despite not starting until 9pm (the original plan was 10pm, so people could enjoy the midnight sun!). No pictures.

Thursday was the turn of Rostoks male voice choir, from Sweden, with guest coloratura soprano Anna Forsebo. It was a wonderful concert, with a good audience and a rich warm sound (despite leaving Sweden at 3am that morning!). It was also interesting speaking Norwegian with Swedes (speaking Swedish): most of the time we understood each other fine, but then there would suddenly be a hiccup, such as the moment when the conduct asked us for what sounded like juice (a drink), when what he actually wanted was light!

Saturday’s concert featured choirs from Finnsnes, Rossfjord, and Målselv (a neighbouring kommune) plus a variety of soloists. Another good evening of music, well received by the audience. Non-church choirs here mostly differentiate their uniforms by the use of coloured ties / scarves.

The last concert is on Saturday. More soon . . .


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