Summer Concert – Saturday

The last concert in our Vår Musikkfest is this Saturday. Finnsnes church’s summer concert, has something for the whole family.

The preparations are pretty much complete:

  • Finnsnes is plastered with posters,
  • Our local paper is carrying an article (thank you Reidar!),
  • Rehearsals are over,
  • Choir parents are busy baking cakes,
  • I’ve just about finished two new euphonium pieces for Susanna to ‘premier’,
  • and even the church’s new bank card terminal is up and running (just in case you forget your cash).


The music is a real mixture of traditional Norewegian hymns, modern songs and instrumental solos. Here is the program, which includes 5 pieces by local composers:

Shout it from the rooftops Band
Hallelujah, opphøy Jesus Barnekor
Oppstått er Jesus Barnekor
Fager er landet Barnekor og ungdomskor
Makten og æren Ungdomskor
Cannon of praise Ungdomskor
Kom Hellig Ånd med skapermakt Band
Piano and organ solos Jakob Elia Stellmacher
Kom sommarvind Ungdomskor
Din trofaste kærlighet Ungdomskor
Gud signe vårt Barnekor og ungdomskor
Sang om barnas rettigheter Barnekor og ungdomskor
Han er den høgste Barnekor
Ingen kan noen gang være Barnekor
Gud er så glad i meg Barnekor
Two new pieces Susanna Blamire
Du tar meg imot Band
Har du fyr Ungdomskor
Fager kveldsol smiler Barnekor og ungdomskor
This little light Barnekor og ungdomskor

See you Saturday!


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