Endelig Ferdig!

Endelig ferdig – Susanna is finally finished with high school. After 4 high schools in 3 countries, yesterday she ‘graduated’!

As with so many things here, it was a bit different: students graduate before they get their results, so there was a sense in which the final ceremony was a ‘hope-for-the-best-fest’. Thankfully the reports are good and due to another quirky Norwegian system – students are put into a kind of a lottery system to determine what (if any!) exams they will sit – Susanna avoided the ‘scarier’ exams.

The graduation ceremony comprised speeches from the rektor (principal / headteacher), some community singing, coffee and cake, and then each class took to the stage for a farewell speech from the teacher, after which pupils  each received a rose. Then it was outside for pictures, and off to a local hotel (minus parents) for a final meal (last supper) and a dance.


One response to “Endelig Ferdig!

  1. So proud of Susanna as I know you are!

    Wishing her all the best in the future!


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