1st Topp Tur – 2015

Yesterday we had our first ‘Topp Tur’ – walk to the top. It was ‘only’ our local hill, Varden (450m / 1476′), but it’s a start. Actually in fairness, Sarah as been out a few time before with a friend, and earlier in the week walked up Rubbestadfjell on the south of Senja, which is only a few feet lower, in the rain.

Thankfully we had lovely weather. This was on the way up, looking toward Senja:


Despite summer coming late and being rather cool, most of the snow has melted below about 500m / 1500′. Even so, there are still patches.


This is a long distance shot of Breitind on Senja: a ‘target’ for later in the summer.


Views from the top of Varden looking out to Senja (to the right of the pictures) over Gisund (the sea separating Senja from the mainland), and to the left, Sørreisa and more distantly Dyrøy, Målselv, Bardu and Harstad kommunes.

1st_Topp_Tur_2015_041st_Topp_Tur_2015_05 1st_Topp_Tur_2015_06  1st_Topp_Tur_2015_09

And here is Rubbestadsfjell (transmitter on the top) and some flowers:


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