The Dark Side Of Sankthans

OK, it sounds a little dramatic.

Sankthans is midsommer, the celebration of John the Baptist (Sankt = saint, Hans is a shortening of Johannes = John). The Bible says that John the Baptist was born about 6 months before Jesus, hence the feast in midsummer (see Luke 1:36, 56–57).

As with so many things in Norway, the main celebration is on the eve (day before). Sankthansaften is traditionally celebrated with ‘campfire’, either on a beach, or a mountain top. And the traditional food is rice pudding!

The dark side? Well obviously after mid-summers day, things are getting darker, albeit not appreciably yet (we’ve still got another 4 weeks of the midnight sun, if the clouds ever clear).

Here is a midsummer picture from Rossfjord:


This was our sankthans walk up to Varden, although not at midnight, and with no fire. Most of the snow is now gone:

Still trying to find out what the ‘whispy’ stuff is growing on some of the trees. It reminds us of the Spanish Moss growing on the live oaks in South Carolina . . .

. . . but without the weird spiders . . .


. . . or alligators.


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