Mixed Messages

We’re getting very mixed weather messages in Norway. On the one hand there are reports about 2015 being globally one of the hottest on record, Norway is having one of the coldest, which when linked to reducing sunspot activities is leading some pessimists to talk of a mini ice age! If that’s true, then we might also be about to loose the aurora – apparently in the late 1600s they were also ‘missing’. In all of his detailed nature writings, northern Norway’s most famous author, Petter Dass, doesn’t mention them at all.

Still, we’ve had some nice days. This was a couple of weeks ago (click to enlarge):


Mixed_Messages_01 Mixed_Messages_02

This is possibly the nicest ‘tourist’ accommodation in Finnsnes – self catering units with amazing sea views, and in winter the possibility of seeing the northern lights reflected in the sea (see examples here):


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