English Traditions

Still catching up with last month’s trip to England . . .

Whilst in London, we also enjoyed a couple of English traditions: pie and mash, and meeting the royal family (well at least their Lego stand-ins):

Back, ‘up north’ we had another trip over to York, on the way taking in the latest eco-freindly military hardware: the wind-powered early warning radar near Harrogate (we’ll be OK as long as IS don’t figure out how to stop the wind blowing . . . .):

We also saw some other things we are ‘ikke vant til’ (not used to). For example tall trees, and a windmill built on a roundabout,



dry stone walls, fields as far as the eye can see, and wide roads,

houses with clocks, and old people with a giant umbrella,

and all the Blamire women together in one place (first time in 6 years). The bearded one is not a lady:

Much of the holiday  was spent planning and executing Ruth and Jordan’s wedding blessing (a ‘not’ wedding, for all the Europeans who couldn’t make it to the  US last year for the ‘real deal’), and gearing up for Hannah and Kris’s wedding next year. Sadly I don’t have a single picture of the wedding blessing, but I’ll obtain some from others soon I hope. Meanwhile, here are some pictures of Hannah’s ‘wedding team’ and the venue:

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